About me

 My name is Antoine Sinon. I am a Seychellois residing at Anse La Mouche, located in the west side of the Island of Mahé. I live in close proximity to the    hotels  such as Four Seasons, Kempinski, ValMer, La Residence, Maya, Ephelia, Avani, Banyan Tree and Double Tree Hotel.

 I am 45 years old and have been a Taxi operator for the past ten years and I especially take great pleasure in my work. I enjoy meeting new people every  day and very often while promoting my country to them I also learn a lot from them.

 I can honestly say that the best part of my job is when I am providing when providing a guided tours. There I really get to sell and advertise the paradise that is Seychelles to all my clients.

 Education: I have got a diploma in teaching. My native language is Creole but I am fluent in both English and French.